Pocket sized healthcare

As healthcare keeps evolving, from virtual visits to AI intelligence, soon healthcare may be portable and so small you could carry it with you in your pocket. That seemed like a wonderful idea to Chang Hun Lee. At the age of 16, Chang was diagnosed as pre-diabetic along with being obese. This was a scare for Chang, pushing himself to get back on track before it was too late, he’s now a senior at University of Illinois pursing business.

                  Now what does that have to do with pocket sized healthcare? What Lee developed could revolutionize personal healthcare. In 2016, he founded a startup called OneSoftDigm (OSD) and in 2017 released a product called One Smart Diet – the first pocket-size device that measures body fat, skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate (BMR), BMI, body water, heart rate, body temperature, stress index, calorie intake, and daily activity. One Smart Diet uses bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) along with infrared (IR) and photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors to measure and analyze the data with 95% accuracy. That data can be monitored through an IOS or Android mobile application, which makes it easy to understand the results, analysis, and recommendations.

“With one handheld device, you can now measure your important numbers, track your progress, and you can also send that data to clinics and receive remote counseling,” said Lee, who already owns 10 patents for this technology. “This gives them one affordable device that can help people be proactive about their health.”

Lee plans to complete his bachelor of science in accountancy this May, he says that it will be full steam ahead for One Smart Diet – and his latest version, Fitrus+, which also measures oxygen saturation, skin temperature, stress index, heart rate, and more. Lee sees a wealth of opportunities outside of the actual product. In 2019, OSD will launch a business-to-business health management service, where companies can get full analyses of their customers and where a customer can get a full analysis of themselves. He envisions gyms, senior healthcare facilities, schools, and insurance companies using that platform to provide the most comprehensive, customized healthcare plans for their clients. The future lies in the big data possibilities, a frontier his accounting degree is helping him prepare for.

Source: https://business.illinois.edu/news/college/2019/01/gies-business-senior-reimagining-handheld-healthcare/