Are You Reporting Quality Measures to Avoid Pay Cuts?

If your practice accepts Medicare every provider must report at least one quality measure on one Medicare Part B patient (Not Medicare Advantage) on a 2013 date of service to avoid the 1.5% pay cut in 2015. Please see list of measures:

The easiest measure for you to report on hospital patients is Measure # 47 (Advanced Care Plan) on page 140. This must be documented in the chart and on the claim form. You might also look at these other less difficult measures:

Measure        Page

20                    48

21                    54

22                    59

23                    64

30                    88

31                    91

47                    140

Even if you are attesting for meaningful use in your private office, you must still report on one measure. You should report on at least three patients to make certain that the insurance does not change. Claims that have already been submitted cannot be reported on. This reporting should continue in 2014 to ensure your practice avoids pay cuts in 2016. Keep in mind that Medicare is very specific on documentation accuracy and importance.