Amazon’s Huge Healthcare Deal

On November 28th 2018 Seattle e-commerce and technology giant unveiled what it calls Amazon Comprehend Medical, which the company says could help hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare organizations process patient information more quickly to glean new insights and, ideally, improve care by using Amazon’s software tools. Amazon has displayed an aspiring layout for the product. Despite the fact that the company has proven itself to be very skilled at building massive businesses in multiple sectors the new medical software presents a different kind of challenge due to the complexities of the healthcare industry today.

According to the latest update this new software would be within Amazon Comprehend. Which is a suite of language-processing service developed as part of the company’s cloud computing business. Amazon says the new healthcare-focused tools will obey with federal privacy laws aimed at protecting patient information. Amazon believes that there will be many benefits to the software which could eventually extend to patients. Amazon Comprehend Medical could help patients by providing information when making treatment decisions or even manage their doctor appointments/medications. Rumor has it that Amazon Comprehend Medical has the potential to retrieve and present applicable information to clinicians when treatment decisions are being made. This could also be used to recruit patients for clinical trials and managing those studies when they’re underway. Amazon Comprehend Medical will be able to identify information such as results of laboratory tests, medications, diagnoses and procedures performed on patients. It’s still not clear whether Amazon’s long-term vision might involve partnering with some of today’s leading electronic health records software vendors but in 2017 there was talk about Amazon Web services announcing a “huge healthcare deal” with Cerner, one of the nation’s leading vendors of patient records software. (There has not been a major agreement following the report’s publication.)