Health Care Phone Scams

The past couple years the number of scam and robo-calls regarding health insurance and private health information has been increasing, but as of 2019, these types of calls are becoming an epidemic. While the government has always warned to never give out private personal information over the phone to anyone claiming you have outstanding bills or expiring health benefits, recently most commercial and non-commercial health insurance provides now have pop-ups on their website warning their customers of such calls and scams.

(As seen on BCBS of IL’s website)

Almost all of these calls are illegal, according to rules published by the Federal Trade Commission in 2009. Most of these calls are offering skimpy health plans that don’t cover what you might need, insurance regulators and consumer advocates say. Others, they say, are downright fraudulent, with unscrupulous insurance “brokers” taking payment and promising insurance that never comes through.

You can try to block them but studies have shown that most scammers and robo calls use programs to change their caller ID with each call and change their number, these calls can potentially come from over 800 different combinations of numbers and caller ID’s.

Under federal law, calls using prerecorded messages are legal only for such things as doctor appointment reminders, flight cancellations, credit card fraud alerts and political candidates. Calls using prerecorded messages to sell products and services are not.

IF you are receiving robo-calls/scam calls and would like to file a fraud or compliant you can;