How Can You Manage BusinessWhile Managing Care?

With Medorizon, you have an experienced, proven partner to help you manage your day-to-day business so you can focus on patient care and life balance.

Our unique data and analytics-driven approach levels the playing field giving organizations of any size access to solutions once available only to enormous institutions with deep pockets — affordably and easily implemented.

Medical Billing Solutions Like Nothing Else Out There

We combine premium data analytics capabilities and state-of-the-art technology and processes with high-touch, responsive client services in a comprehensive platform designed to help healthcare organizations and providers get paid for all their hard work in today's challenging healthcare environment.


Coding experts ensure claims are being submitted with properly documented medical records. We also provide our clients with experts who can research and solve complex coding scenarios.

Furthermore, we utilize national and local coverage determination guidelines to evaluate your coding performance and assure coding accuracy which positively impacts reimbursement therefore lowering days in A/R.

Lastly, we provide continuous feedback and reporting to ensure increased reimbursement.

Medorizon is an OIG and HIPAA compliant medical billing expert.

Accounts Receivable

Our Accounts Receivable team is here to ensure your facility receives accurate payments for all services provided.

Each AR team member focuses on securing revenue by verifying and confirming the posting of receipts, and resolving any discrepancies regards to payments from patients and/or insurance companies. Each client receives a dedicated account representative who helps them to:

  • Generating claims and patient statements
  • Maintain accounts receivable files and records
  • Investigate and resolve any irregularities or inquiries
  • Improve Net Collections Percentages & Cash Flow
  • Increase Net Receipts
  • Decrease average days in AR

Ambulatory Surgical Centers

Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) are among the fastest growing provider category today, with complex and ever-changing reimbursement requirements. ASCs use a combination of CPT and HCPCS/Revenue codes with some insurance carriers permitting the use of ICD-10 procedure codes to reduce costs.

Most ambulatory surgery centers consistently lose as much as 30% of available revenue because they do not have the time or the required expertise to renegotiate contracts with insurance payers.

Here at Medorizon, we understand the legal regulations placed on ASCs, including the specialized required coding, accreditation, documentation, and negotiated ASC provider insurance and managed care contracts needed for maximum reimbursement.

What we can bring to the table:

  • Evaluate and manage ASC workflow to increase efficiency and maximize cash flow
  • Certified medical coders and billers that specialize in ASC-distinct coding and reimbursement guidelines
  • Collect MIPS data and submit to CMS for eligible providers
  • Complete Understanding of Medicare Requirements
  • Workers Comp and Personal Injury* expertise
  • Contracting and Compliance Guidance

*Varies by region

Population Health Outcome Improvement

The goal of value-based care is reached by guiding better patient health outcomes and organically reducing costs. It's not enough to drive great care, you need to focus on short and long term care while continually signalling improvement along the route.

That requires a population health solution that not only guides you in the treatment of the patients who need you most, but also helps you accurately code, document and report your work.

Our modular population health solution helps you fill in the blanks to connect patient health outcomes with value-based care success.


Care Gap Analytics

Our analytics let you know where current potholes are, and where future ones might be, so you can navigate them with ease.


Patient Engagement

We make segmenting and interacting with your population easy and effective, so that no patient falls through the cracks.


Clinical Quality Measures

From coordinating excellent care to improving patient outcomes, hit all your quality benchmarks and maximize your reimbursements.


Chronic Care Management

Providing care to your most vulnerable patients has never been more critical. With us, it's also never been easier.


Proactive Patient Alerts

Optimally-timed updates and communications make missed appointments a thing of the past.


Risk Mitigation

Identifying and distinguishing between high- and low-risk patients helps you prioritize care and lower costs.

UnisLink iCMS™

Our ONC HIT Certified stand-alone Clinical Quality Measures solution integrates with any EMR system and enables you to report your CQM measures.

iCMS™ integrates with most commonly-used EMR systems in a number of innovative ways, delivering advanced engagement capabilities, risk prediction and mitigation, care gap identification, and more. The plug-and-play integration works seamlessly within your existing workflows and ensures quick ramp-up and greater user adoption


Population Health Module

Aggregate, categorize, analyze, and mobilize your population data with cutting-edge accuracy and efficiency.


Chronic Care Management

Whether in-office or in-between visits, we make following the progress of your most vulnerable patients more manageable and effective.


Clinical Quality Measures

Reporting on and meeting outcomes, resources, and care coordination benchmarks isn't always easy. Let's change that.


Financial Analytics and Reporting Module

Intuitive, graphical, and detailed reports provide invaluable, actionable insignt for running efficiently and capitalize on value-based reimbursements.

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